Ferrite Phase Shifters and Other Waveguide Components and Subsystems

RF Waveguide Switches & Resolvers

Ferrite based RF waveguide switches provide fast switching, moderate peak and average power capabilities, and good isolation with low loss. Airborne roll resolvers transform data from aircraft to other coordinates, whether looking down at the earth or maintaining satellite contact, and may also used for variable multiplexing. Shown below are some of the switches and resolvers developed by MAG. Click HERE for downloadable brochures detailing RF waveguide switches, resolvers, and other MAG products.

MPN-14K Landing Control Radar

MAG provides high power single pole double throw waveguide switches for this precision approach radar.

Skyshield 35 Air Defense Radar

MAG's single pole triple throw high power X-Band switches provided for this radar feature power level monitoring and feedback.

DWSR-2501C Doppler Weather Radar

MAG designed and built C-Band waveguide switches for use in this weather radar.

SPN-35C Approach Control Radar

MAG provides greater than 56 dB isolation double pole double throw high power X-Band waveguide switches for use in this approach control radar.

APS-143 CP-140 Imaging Radar

MAG provides X-Band high power switches for this airborne radar.

ARSR-4 FAA Long Range Radar

MAG designed and built an L-Band high power air-cooled polarization rotator for the FAA Long Range Radar, capable of switching between vertical linear and right-hand circular polarization.

APQ-164 B-1B Offensive Radar

MAG provides X-Band roll resolvers for the B-1B offensive radar system for motion compensation.

APQ-181 B-2 Spirit LPI Radar

MAG provides Ku-Band roll resolvers for the B-2 radar system for motion compensation.