Ferrite Phase Shifters and Other Waveguide Components and Subsystems

Ferrite-Based Applications

Ferrite-based components are used in many well-known radar systems, as listed here. Systems supported by Microwave Applications Group are marked*, linking to pages describing MAG's products in those systems.

Akash Rajendra Air Defense*

APQ-164 B-1B Offensive*

APQ-181 B-2*

APS-143 CP-140 Imaging*

APY-1/2 E-3 AWACS*

AR320 3D Air Defense*



Global Hawk*

MPN-14K Landing Control*

MPQ-53 Patriot

MPQ-64 Sentinel
RAC 3D Air Defense*

Skyshield 35 Air Defense*

Smart-L 3D Air Defense*

SPN-35C Approach Control*

SPQ-9B Surveillance/Tracking*


TPQ-36 Firefinder

TPQ-37 Firefinder

TPQ-47 Firefinder
TRS-3D Multimode*

TRS22XX 3D Air Defense*

ZPQ-1 Predator TESAR*