Ferrite Phase Shifters and Other Waveguide Components and Subsystems

Dual-Mode Phase Shifters

Latching reciprocal dual-mode phase shifters provide 360+ degrees of phase shift for phased arrays at a low cost. Shown here are some of the dual-mode phase shifters developed by MAG. Click HERE for downloadable brochures detailing dual-mode phase shifters and other MAG products.

APQ-164 B-1B Offensive Radar

MAG produced and delivered over 130,000 X-Band phase control modules (PCMs) for the B-1B offensive radar system, the heart of which are MAG's dual-mode latching ferrite phase shifters with polarization diversity capability.

ZPQ-1 Predator TESAR Radar

MAG provided these lightweight Ku-Band dual-mode latching ferrite phase shifters for this synthetic aperture radar.

Akash Rajendra 3D Air Defense Radar

MAG designed and built phase control modules for this radar. The phase shifter portion is a dual-mode phase shifter operating at C-Band.

SPQ-9B Surveillance and Tracking Radar

MAG provides these X-Band dual-mode phase shifters for use on this widely deployed system. The units were qualified at shock levels in excess of 60 g.

I-15/23 Range Radar Simulator

MAG designed and built in excess of 19,000 polarization diverse X-Band reflectarray elements for this radar simulator.