Ferrite Phase Shifters and Other Waveguide Components and Subsystems

Antennas & Subsystems

Complete antenna systems include RF feed network and phase shift beam steering, beam steering computer, and power distribution. Shown here are some of the antennas and other systems developed by MAG. Click HERE for downloadable brochures detailing antennas and other MAG products.

Transportable Phased Array Antenna System (TPAAS)

MAG designed, built, and delivered this family of test range antennas in Ku-, X-, and C-Band versions.

I-30 Range Instrumentation Antenna

MAG designed, built, and delivered this 2,101 element electronically steerable phased array antenna for test instrumentation within 18 months from contract award.

Millimeter-Wave Tracking Radar Antenna

MAG designed and built this ESA which utilizes a resonant waveguide feed to achieve 1D pencil beam and 1D fan beam for fire control applications.

Ku-Band Terminal Guidance Antenna

MAG designed, built, and delivered this ESA, which utilizes an unusual waveguide feed to achieve 500 MHz instantaneous bandwidth.

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Tokamak

MAG designed and built RF assemblies that split, phase controlled, and recombined 2 MW of RF power for plasma excitation and control in a tokamak pressure vessel for fusion research.